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I am planning on creating a mobile phone app - probably for personal use and friends etc. and I am struggling to find an up-to-date data base with the relevant infos. an XML or SQLite database would be preferable.
If not, can you share any details on where the site gets the data from - (I imagine it's not all entered by hand!)

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Actually, I believe it is! Pokemaster works so hard...

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By the way, you won't be able to make a native app, like for the Apple App Store. Nintendo got them all removed. A web app should be OK, actually we already have one here: http://m.pokemondb.net

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thanks for the reply! I was just wondering because im currently learning databases in xml, sql etc. Is seems the web app data is supplied with a json db. is this link public or encoded? i.e. could i create json queries from my application?