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Your Rotom-S, Rotom-C, Rotom-W, Rotom-H, and Rotom-F sprites are a bit slow.



Your regular Rotom sprite looks fine.

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Pokechecks don't show up... on your question anyways
How come I see them?
they dont move so how can i tell?
ill take your word for it that they are slower :s
You said Pokecheck's don't show up. I proved that they are there, at least for me. Screenshots don't move...
no duh -.- all screenshots can't move
Pokecheck is down.

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Actually both are wrong. Pokecheck's and PDLH's are too fast when you compare to the actual games. Just look at Wash Rotom, that guy's gone crazy!

But mine are a little too slow (because I slowed them all down to the same level). Anyway I have fixed them up, they should be online soon. Let me know if you spot any others that are too slow.

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Darmanitan was. Pokecheck was down yesterday, so I tried the DB ones.
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Here, I'll compare DBs with PLDHs. PLDH on left, DB on right. BTW I see what you mean, Mew.

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make this a comment
^ you  can't comment pictures.
looks better this way.