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We have an issue, it's called down-voting. Some people, either haven't read the rules or are REAL jerks. For example, my Weather Teams Tournament suggestion not too long ago had 5 Up-Votes. And then it was DOWNVOTED 3 TIMES! This isn't the only time it has happened either. It's happened to me in the Pokebase and the Battle Subway too. It's unfair, and I don't think anyone likes it. According to PokemonMaster's Rules, things should only be downvoted if they break the rules. SO! Something should be done. I suggest one of the following happen:

-Mods/Editors get the power to see who downvotes, and get's to give them a "Talk"
-You reiterate the rules, because some people clearly aren't getting the message.
-You disable the down-voting feature all together. Besides, if a question/answer is bad, it'll be flagged or hidden anyway. It doesn't need to be downvoted too.

I hope something is done, because I know I'm not the only person with this problem.

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Woah, that is odd.
Maybe because they didn't like your team....
I downvoted.
Meta works differently in that voting goes to if you like the idea or not.
We already had a weather tourney, so I downvoted so that other tournies could go.
I downvoted. UMAD?!
In the rules Page I found "Only vote questions down if they break the rules here." -- doesn't this apply to all? And spoink! I have one thing to say to you. +Turkey+ */_\*
I downvoted I didn't like the weather tourney and we already had one anyways
1) We didn't already have a weather TEAMS tourney that I know of.
2) You're not supposed to downvote unless the Q or A breaks the rules. So... yeah.
TBH, I liked the idea of an all weather tourney to see which one rules. however, meta points have no value, so meta voting is different, you don't neccessarily down-vote if it's bad, you vote depending on your opinion. So if you like someones idea, you up-vote it. If you think someone has a bad idea, you down vote it.
Yeah meta is about if  you like it or not. It doesn't have to break the rules.
Someone randomly downvoted me on my answer when they were fine and they were not opinated

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Flag it if the question is against the rules. Vote it down if the
question is bad in another way, for example terrible spelling,
impossible to understand etc. In your case though you can just edit it
if possible :) For answers:

Flag it if the answer is inappropriate in some way or breaks the rules
(e.g. it's not an actual answer and should be a comment). Vote down if
the answer is incorrect. (Side note: on the RMT section only vote down
answers if they're really bad, because some answers may not be great
but still not technically wrong.)

Technically flagging incorrect answers is AGAINST the rules. Also, Downvoting on Meta is by OPINION. I downvoted the weather tournament suggestion because you were biased towards Sand, and we already had one that I hosted.

TBH, I think people flag too much, you only flag if it breaks the rules, not if it is incorrect. Sorry if you are mad, but Down-votes happen. Grow a pair and don't clog the Meta.

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We have the unspoken rules sections. I think this is in them somewhere.
Which are what we have until Pokemaster updates the rules page.
Here we go, in question etiquette.

•If you have a legitimate suggestion, that's fine. Since the points on the meta have no value, the voting can be based on your opinion of the suggestion. This helps give a good view of what people think of it, though remember that pokemaster makes the final decision.
Guys, don't you think we should make all of the "Unspoken Rules" Spoken? Imean, it gets annoying when I lose points and don't know what I did wrong, or get something hidden thanks to some "Unspoken Rule"--I'm with spoink.
Again, we have these up for the access of users, one of them even being in the Useful Posts section. So unspoken isn't really the right way of saying it. The correct way is: "Pokemaster hasn't edited the rules page since the creation of the RMT section."