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Know that the points limit there so that people don't create stupid tags but 500 points is kinda high for new users so can you lower it to something like 350 or even 450.

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The limit is higher so that new users can't create new tags. Once you have 500 points you are usually in the swing of things and can be trusted to make your own tags.
I agree with swaggron and I understand that 500 is hard. I just hit it.
Not really, some people hit 500 fast.
I hit it in 2 weeks.
I've been here for 6 months but have only been active for 2 weeks.
Pokemaster will say no. Swaggron is right. If you want points give detailed answers to unanswered questions.

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Actually there is a different problem. It only lets you use the top 100 existing tags, but as of writing we have 3521 different tags!

So in most cases there should be an existing tag you can use. I will try and fix that problem and see how it goes after that.

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