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Is my computer hacked or what!?! The person just says, "undefined." And I don't get it! And it says the user is undefined, and like when it is supposed to say, "1 minute ago" or something, it just says, undefined. And the person doesn't even have a profile.

UPDATE: It now says KICKBOT.

But the rest still says undefined. And doesn't show up on the user in the chat.

So can somene tell me what is going on!?!

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Which web browser are you using, and what version?
I don't know.
What was the person saying?
Kickbot is a tool mods get that allows them to kick users out of chat of 10 minutes. It's not a user and when it pops up it says wh has been kicked
Well, it will just say, "undefined" and whenever KICKBOT says "undefined." Then it won't anymore posts unless I refresh my page. And then it happens over and over again.

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Kickbot is this thing mods can do. It's not a real user. When they hit a certain button they can kick us off chat for 10 minutes.

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