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When I get on the Pokebase Q&A page and log in, then I go to the META, I have to log in again. I've refreshed more than once, but I still have to log on. Same deal if I go to the RMT: Refresh over and over, still have to log in.

This has never happened before and this has happened on my computer at school as well as at home.

Internet Explorer 9 is what I use, if it helps.

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It happens for me too on Google Chrome.
I have Chrome, mine works fine :[
This has been happening to me ever since I started using Meta. I'm on an IPad.

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I tried in Internet Explorer 9 and logging in to any section logs me in to the others. So I dunno what the problem could be.

Though when I log out, it does keep me logged in to other sections, which someone else reported. I will check on that now.

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