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Can we get rid of the new tag creation or raise the limit?

PM, have you noticed all these new tags? They are tags like this:


Can we at least raise it? 4000?

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"I-hate-when-will-o-wisp-misses-four-times-in-a-row" was actually made by Mew, if I am not mistaken.

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You're right, we shouldn't have stupidly long tags like that. I've removed a few of them that I found. I think I will set a limit on the length of tags so people can't make long ones.

I also set a minimum points of 50 on Meta and RMT for creating new tags.

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No Pokemon name exceeds 10, so how about ten?
There are plenty of longer tags. For starters, move names go up to 12. But there is stuff like "explorers-of-sky" which is longer.
I remove tags that are like that as well whenever they are completely unnecessary, and combine tags that are very similar with only one or two word differences, there are just a lot of them.