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seconds ago Ooh censors off
seconds ago And then they f**

Just added censor


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MewC that is not appropriate, you have been a member of this site to know better.
Swearing once is a problem? By your morals maybe, but a lot of users drop the FBomb every once in a while.
I admit to have done it more than once but i use it very rarely or when i'm super mad.
He was swearing way more that once, buy that's the only one that got passed the censor
Oh shut up, you weren't even on the chat for most of it, how would you know? I only sweared once as a joke, and I thought the censor would catch it, but the censor is gone because of the new chat. So don't talk crap with me. I would ask if someone would hide the question, as it is completely useless.
Who needs to shut up? Because I was there, and I have screenshots too.
Show me the screenshot of me swearing other than that particular time
I showed one of two screenshots, and you were swearing more than what I have pics of, but I can't take screenshots in my computer, so I didn't get shots of it all.
Cut it off guys.

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Oops, I turned it off and forgot to re enable it. Fixed now.

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Yay! *Filler*