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seconds ago Ooh censors off
seconds ago And then they f**

Just added censor


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Oh shut up, you weren't even on the chat for most of it, how would you know? I only sweared once as a joke, and I thought the censor would catch it, but the censor is gone because of the new chat. So don't talk crap with me. I would ask if someone would hide the question, as it is completely useless.
Who needs to shut up? Because I was there, and I have screenshots too.
Show me the screenshot of me swearing other than that particular time
I showed one of two screenshots, and you were swearing more than what I have pics of, but I can't take screenshots in my computer, so I didn't get shots of it all.
Cut it off guys.

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Oops, I turned it off and forgot to re enable it. Fixed now.

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Yay! *Filler*