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Just curious if we should hide.


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These types of questions are not allowed:

  • Asking where to find ROMs or emulators (we don't want to be seen encouraging piracy, nor link out to any dodgy sites).
  • Asking why something weird happened in your game, if you are playing a ROM (because many ROMs are buggy or purposely hacked for different Pokemon to appear). Note: if someone asks such a question and the thing does happen in the real game, then don't hide it.
  • Asking about unofficial games, like "Where to find Mew in Chaos Black" (there are too many unofficial games, which come and go all the time).

Questions that happen to mention ROMs shouldn't be hidden automatically, unless they break the rules above. As I said before, no sense in banning those terms because it's just a fact that ROMs and emulators exist out there.

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