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Okay so recently in my RMTs i've been using http://www.pokestadium.com/Pokemon/sprites/ for my Pokemon pictures and icons, but I just uploaded another team and now all of the images are broken links :'[ what's weird is they worked fine on the preview thing, just when I posted it they didn't. I understand that for big images I can use this site, but the icons I would like to be able to use too. I'm not quite sure why it didn't work. I'm using chrome.



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Same here...
Just look at what it says!
We are performing some updates on Pokestadium right now (April 15th 2012), so most pages are down for the moment!

Pokestadium has been abaondended.
Even better than PokeCheck: http://pokemondb.net/sprites
Well, GT, I've been using Pokestadium long after April and it hasn't stopped working until now.
Trachy, I find Pokecheck so much better because it has waaaay more sprites.

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You're better off using our sprites here. We had big problems recently when Pokecheck went down for a day, so I want to avoid using images from other sites.

At some point I will get round to adding a button to the editor to add sprites quickly.

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