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I'm not encouraging anyone to abuse this if it is not supposed be how it is. I'm just trying to help out.

The way I accidentally figured out how to do this is:
1. Go into the Battle Subway.
2. Click 'My Account'.
3. Your Username is now editable.
Caution Changing your username also changes your login details.

The reason I think it's a problem is because when you click 'My Account' when you're viewing the "PokeBase" or "Meta-Base" the option to edit your Username is not available.

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It DIDDNT work for me but it made me re confirm my email
OMG, he's right! It gave me the option to change my username and my E-mail! I didn't and won't though, don't worry.
It dosen't work for me and the ability to change your email isn't a glitch, it's normal tho be able to change your emIl

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The option shows for you only when you don't have any posts. So if you don't have any posts on Battle Subway then it looks like it's possible to change your username.

I'll see if I can fix that but it's not a huge deal.

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Just thought I'd let you know.