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So changing my name from FlaaffySwampert earlier today have resulted in a number of problems for me.
I have to relogg every time I change between the Pokebase, RMT, and Meta.
It seems I have taken over someone else's profile, so their points remain and I dont really feel comfortable with that.
I can no longer log in using my username, but have to use my email.
It's just generally lot of work, may I have my old name back? Please PM. My current one is Doopliss

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I should have known better than to take the name of a identity steeling Mario boss...

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OK fixed for the time being. I thought my system was supposed to warn me if I used an existing name, but obviously that didn't happen here.

HOWEVER, if you still want the name Doopliss I can rename the old user and give you that name. They registered over a year ago and didn't make a single post. I don't think they are coming back. Just comment here if you want it.

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Yes, thank you! It working flawless as usual now. And I'm fine with my old name now. Thank you for your time!
It happened to me, when I was Kyuratar92. Remember? I have to thanks Flare and everyone else who told Pokmanter when I couldnt. Thanks!