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People have been spamming name changes a little too much, and it's confusing as hell following who is who, especially when Moderators are trying find a user to give a warning / ban to. Perhaps we can do the following:

  • Limit the number of times a person can change his / her username.
  • Users need to wait a specific period of time before able to change again. Maybe an hour.
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I'd suggest just lowering the window for the name change to a day or two as well.
yeah you are right Mew. There has been a lot of overreacting with this new privilege
btw Mew, you do know that after the week it up, you won't be able to change name for 3 months. You just need to wait a few days and the new system will be put in place.

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Yes that is pretty annoying (and exactly why I stopped people changing their names in the first place). I think the open period has been way too long, the next one definitely will not be that long.

So next time I will probably start the thread on the 1st of the month to let everyone know, but not let people change their username until a few days later. Then keep it open for only 2-3 days.

I will also think about limiting how often you can change. A minimum of an hour or more between changes seems sensible.

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Hey, could you change my name back to Reshiram-Programmer?
Sorry, you'll have to wait for the next name change period. On the bright side, alias is a cool name :)
What if people aren't on for 3 days then here on the fifth day? They will have missed it and not know.
Then that would be their fault. If he keeps it any longer people start to troll and such by changing their names, and that's just annoying.
Yeah, it is. Actually, if I could change it, I would change it to Crobat-Programmer.
ISentByRavensI Y U change from Swaggron? It was the best name ever.
Why not just make it that  you have to change it only once or twice for 3 months.
@Ranger that is another option, but I like that we have one period when we know people are changing usernames.