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Currently 27 users can edit on the BS. That is a lot.

Sure, some of these users can do well. Others not. And in the future we can get some bad ones. Cough, 20 cough. Some users cannot handle this privilege. Spoink is an awasome user. I believe he can use his powers correctly. But look, he has been here for a month and has 568 points already. What if other users who misuse them do that? Can I suggest 800? It would be similar to Meta.

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Trying to make a period, it gets replaced. Also, I can't have the tag 'battle subway'? Why?
I would aim for like 1500ish personally.
I've been having tag problems lately also. I tried using a tag that was suggested and it said that I needed 500 points to create my own tag.
I agree though those who can already edit should keep there powers.
I was going to suggest this but so many newish users are getting so close already.
Maybe 500 for retagging :D
I had 600 yesterday :c oh well, lol. I think 1500 is a bit much, 800 - 1000 seems pretty reasonable.
I've not even got 1500 yet only 4 people do I think lol
I would agree with 800
Eh, i couldn't be able to edit anymore but eh, i should get there easily.

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Good point, I have raised it to 1000. Note that a lot of people can still edit on the count of being Experts.

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