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I've been seeing, not just since I've had the power to edit things, users get kind of steamed some times about having their stuff hidden and edited.
I suggest that we have a small little box for the user who we're editing question / answer, that we can give a short and simple reason for editing it.
And as for hiding, I think it would be cool to have a little pop-up sort of thing, at the top of the page, ( Like the read the rules for new users ) telling them when they've had a question hidden, and letting them click at their hidden Q/A and be able to see why it was hidden.
Just a suggestion.

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I am planning something actually, that will save an "edit history" of some kind so you would be able to write what you changed/improved. For now, if you make any major changes you could leave a comment like "I changed X to make the question clearer".

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