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Let's say I became an Expert, and at the end of someone's question/answer, I put "And by the way I love Pimplup." Is this serious enough to be reported?

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No Expert's/Editor's really abuse their editing privileges at all, but depending on how severe it is, they should still be reported. Just because they are an Expert/Editor does not mean they should not be reported if they break the rules or do something inappropriate etc. But the scenario you presented above isn't really "report worthy" because it isn't serious enough. Besides if someone does that then they're probably joking so don't take it the wrong way, if you're unhappy with what they put you can simply edit it back. If they keep doing it however then it gets more serious as they are essentially spamming, you can try asking them to pack in it, before reporting them if it continues any further. Non of the Expert's/Editor's on the site are jerks though (some people may argue you that) but they're not, the one's who are active do their best to help the site and very rarely abuse their editing powers if at all.
Better let a mod or an editor answer this Dan, no offence. You're probably right, but it seems more of a Mod issue tbh.
*sigh* Fair enough.
Eeeeh... Experts editing another question is just a joke, really. The only time they 'abuse' it is really only just as a joke, from the time I've been here I've never seen someone deprive someone else with their editing powers. Of course, if it's getting a bit of an addiction for some people than a mod should have a discussion with the other person to stop doing it. Being confirmed Experts, and not trolls, they'll understand and they'll calm down. So this really shouldn't be needed.
I have done this before, I have to admit. But not like crazy or anything.

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On a less serious note, editing can be fun for in-jokes and has become something of a staple with select users, whether we like it or not. Some users are so addicted to messing around with other posts that you'd literally have to demote them to guarantee they'd stop, so on a "for fun" level, this issue is almost non-negotiable.

However, I believe many of us know that, when a pressing issue arises on META, some users feel the need to "persuade" an audience to think something different by changing or straight-up editing out the original intention of an important post.

Those situations are so rude, disrespectful, and completely not okay, that I can't believe I'm addressing it.

It all depends on the situation. Strictly saying every quirky edit should be reported doesn't make as much sense as, say, reporting a slandering edit or an edit that takes away from the original post's integrity. It's a case-by-case deal, so I suppose the best rule of thumb for this would be to report anything that personally offends you or made your service worse off. At least then the member can get a friendly warning or a talking-to.

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*edits to show I'm still alive and because DT will in fact take offense to this*
Unless I mention wolves are awesome.
Here is the joke where the punchline implies that Will is already those things.