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So according to the rules, all details about each team member (including EVs, Natures, etc.) must be given when posting a team on the Battle Subway, and if not, the question is against the rules and should be hidden.

However, many players are new to competitive battling and do not deserve to have their questions hidden simply because of their lack of knowledge about Pokémon.

One solution to this problem would be to just inform every single person who posts a team like this about Pokemon stats and such. I see how this could get very tedious, however.

My idea is that when someone clicks on "Ask a Question" on the RMT, the page they type it onto should have an alert similar to the one when asking a question on the META ("This is the META section, for asking questions about this site..."), but it should say something like this:

Before posting a team, make sure you include all of the specifics for each Pokémon in it, including held items, abilities, EVs, natures, and movesets.

Again, this is just my idea, and as such is open to constructive criticism. But I think this will help new site members who want feedback on their competitive teams.

Optional: If someone still doesn't give enough information on the team members after reading the memo, then another site member should politely explain to them what they're missing, and maybe could give a link to a page on this site that will help them.

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this is one of the reasons why we need this suggestion for the new users
This is a nice suggestion. +1, but you spelled Subway wrong on your tag....I never heard if a "Subwa" lol.
I know... I tried to spell subway, but that tag hadn't been created yet.  Instead I did battle-subwa, since someone else had apparently typed that before.  Looks like Graveyard Shift has changed it though :)
You can make relevant tags yourself. (If you have the privilege to, which is something like 500 points or something)
"However, many players are new to competitive battling and do not deserve to have their questions hidden simply because of their lack of knowledge about Pokémon." If they lack knowledge on basic mechanics such as natures and EVs, chances are their team sucks regardless and would not be fit for any online play. Most teams I hide that lack necessary requirements usually looks like the following:

pikachu @quick claw
-iron tail
-quick atacks
-volt tacel

charizard @?
-flame frower
-solar beem

dialga @red card
-roar of time
-fire blast
-metal claw
-dragon claw

I'm sure you get the idea. On the slightly better constructed teams that lack EVs I usually leave them and tell the author or hide and leave a note on the wall of the user should he want me to re-show it and edit. That said, I haven't really been on the Battle Subway in ages. That place is a mess.

Will a memo help? No. I mean there already is the question guidelines next to the question box, just a little more vague "For team questions you must include all Pokemon, moves and relevant information. No in-game teams." Though if a player understands EVs and natures in the first place, I'm sure he/she would understand the importance and include them in the question to begin with. Not hiding teams that break rules for the sake of the user being new and learning new stuff is just clogging up the BS even more. The teams without needed info are never rated anyway.
I see Blobyolo's point.  However, adding the memo I suggested certainly won't hurt this site either.

And what if they see the alert and think to themselves, "Hmm, what are EVs and Natures?  Maybe I should learn about those."
I'm just saying that it could happen.

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