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I know we're not a competitive site, but the majority of teams on the Battle Subway are absolute crap. We also have a multitude of old teams that are unanswered, and obsolete. So I have two propositions (although I'm sure it'd be a bit better over Summer because more Mods and Editors are active then anyway)

  1. Hide really old posts. Seriously, do we need to go back and read Gen 3 teams? These can be hidden, purely to get rid of them. DT has mentioned this before although it was never really expanded on.

  2. Bad teams. I'm aware that we're not a competitive site, that doesn't excuse us for having no rules regarding completely crap teams. Teams should actually be rateable, I shouldn't look at a team and go "The only way to fix this is to smash his hard drive and get him to start again", I should be able to look at a team and go "Needs a check for Talonflame, and slight EV spread changes". That's really the only difference. Obviously to moderate this the moderators or editors would need a decent understanding of the metagame, Mew, Lenub, Mike, and a few others are such people. I don't expect this to be resolved immediately, and probably shouldn't be until Summer begins because of Activity fluctuations, but perhaps we could implement a Battle Subway Editor if possible, allowing someone with actual metagame knowledge to remove bad teams, hide obsolete teams, and generally keep it a much cleaner place.

Main things:

  • Generally bad sets, not even remotely viable (such as Physical Alakazam)
  • Bad formatting, formatting should generally follow the PS importable formats for easier testing and reading (example of format)
  • Older teams that have become obsolete (Gen 3 teams, teams with banned strategies)
  • Bad spelling and grammar leaves little incentive to answer
  • DT made some good suggestions regarding a cleaner Battle Subway here

Bad Team example
Rateable Team example
Good Team example

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Too many bad and unrate-able teams, makes the place look really bad an unprofessional, and not actually really helping anyone.
I think one of the problems is that we don't have the guidance for building better teams like other sites do, either in written guides or in tutoring. To make a team on the RMT, you're expected to be already proficient at battling to do so, but that requirement is never overtly stated.
You aren't necessarily required to be proficient in battling.
We have this problem because I posted some teams :I
I feel as if you are... otherwise you'd come up with stuff like special Conkeldurr, and you can't actually rate a team with Pokemon like that, because you'd need to rewrite the whole team.

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