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Becuase I know that swampert was made when his points weren't to much highier than mine and I my total number of questions and answers is the second Highest on this site 909 and counting(A little over 100 below Trachy and 9 above DT). I think becuase of the increasing number of spammers and cheaters and repeat/bad question/answers That it would be benificial that one more editor be present especially since I am in a differant time zone. I hope I am not bugging :)

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I don't believe it is determined by a set amount of points. Rather, it was given to the top three members (who also happened to have more points than Pokemaster).
Swampert didn't when he was made an editor
You forget Pokemaster's ability to see into the future.

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There is no minimum points or anything, it's done manually. But you can already edit posts, right?

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I can edit questions and answers but not hide which can be bothersome when I am looking at old answers and they are bad but I can't get rid of them becuase no one will know when I write to delete it
Leave the old stuff be. If it resurfaces when someone answers, then I'll take care of it.
Yes please don't go editing answers to say "please delete" because it looks stupid. In the future there should be a way to report posts so you can use that.