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This may be a problem. Go to the "Natures" part of the site, and read the chart near the bottom. It says that the Hardy Nature lowers attack and increases attack. That can't be right!

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You are wrong, this is right - for each stat, other than HP of course, will have a Nature that decreases and improves the stat.

  • Hardy is for Attack
  • Docile is for Defence
  • Bashful is for Special Attack
  • Quirky is for Special Defence
  • Serious is for Speed

So yeah, this isn't a typo. In game, the shaded red and blue stats in a Pokemon's summary will not be shown for these Natures, since they don't do anything to the stat.

It might not be practical (typical Game Freak), but that's the way it is.

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Yeah, but it say it INCREASES attack, and LOWERS attack. It can't lower and raise the same stat.
Yeah, but, that's the way it is. It doesn't do anything to the stat, since it increases AND lowers. That's how it is.
@ The Poke'mon Company: That is stupid.
IRK, they can be so naive. If they were a Pokemon, their Nature would have to be Naive, set be default. :D