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Most users here just make an account to ask a single question, then they leave. So make it so they can ask one question per computer, so they don't have to waste their time making an account just to know a little thing about a video game.

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This would be great though would discourage users joining i guess.
It would, but if they asked one question and see how fast our awesome community answers questions, it might encourage them to join!
Up vote. This is great. True, less users may join, and I might not have joined it myself, but we have ssooooo many users who ask one question, then go silent and clog up the 20 points part of the users list.
And what's the point of them signing up if they are not gonna do anything? If someone sees: O Mai Gawd this site has 7,222 users, he/she'll eventually see that only like 500 are active.

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It's a nice idea, but we require people to register in order to avoid spam (e.g. advertising messages completely unrelated to Pokemon, spamming links to dodgy sites etc).

And who cares if someone makes an account to post one question and never comes back? It's up to them. Letting them post anonymously doesn't change anything.

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I see. Nice thinking.