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Have an advanced user searcher.

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Like, search alphabetically for users, search users who most recently joined - the way the users are sorted now is a pretty redundant format, especially since most people don't know how many points their wanted user has.

And, we can just have a normal search box. Type in a user, or part of a user's name, and results will appear of people who have that in their name.

Thoughts? :3

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Suggested more times than I can count. PM said no to it. If you go to the URL at the top, type in http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/(insert username here) and then hit Enter, and it will bring you to their page, provided you spelled it correctly.
Well, I just find a normal user searcher better, because if the user has special characters in their name, or you simply can't remember their full user name, it's really haaaaaaard >:(
We don't need it lol... just edit them urls

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Omg, answering my own question :o

I actually found a good cover-up for this dilemma, for the few that actually want a user searching system, you can type this into Google:

(Insert User Name Here) site:pokemondb.net/pokebase/user

And it will surely find it for you. So, if the user you're searching for has special characters in their name, or you can't remember all of their name, this is a good system!! :D

Hope I helped. x)

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To be honest i don't really think we need this. PM has said no to it when we asked for it before.

You can just do like Poke'/ said in the comments


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I see many flaws to this. That's why lots of people prefer a search bar.