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It's al in the title.

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Asking / Answering questions gives you 0 points.

Selecting best answer gives you 2 points.

Getting best answer gives you 20 points.

Getting up-voted gives you 10 points.

Getting down-voted makes you lose 10 points.

Down-voting a user makes you lose 2 points.

Pokebase Point Equation: (# of BA selected)x2 + (# of UpVotes)x10 + (# of BA)x20 - (# of Down-Votes given)x2 - (# of DownVotes)x10

Questions/answers on the meta don't add points to your actual score. however there is (If you care) a meta points system. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/7021/is-there-a-seperate-point-system-for-meta

These point values are subject to change as Pokemaster sees fit. They've changed in the past, and certainly can change again.

Taken from myself, here.

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You gain points by getting upvoted or by getting best answer.

To get upvoted, you must give good, thoughtful questions or good, thoughtful answers.
To get Best Answer you must have the best of any other answer to that question.

Up voting questions and answers are 0 points though receiving up votes on any section are +10 .
 Downvoting is -2 though receiving a downvote is -10 .
 Gaining ba gets 20 points though giving gives 2. This however is not appreciated when you spam this.
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Ways to get points:
Receive BA. This gives you 20 points.
Receive up votes. 10 points are received per up vote.
Give BA. This gives you 2 points.
Beg Pokemaster for some. Just joking. :P

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