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I have checked a few Pokemon, but their BW2 locations weren't on the Pokedex pages! Is this a glitch, or was Pokemaster forgetful enough to add the location of ALL THE POKEMON for BW2?

It is not a glitch and he is not being forgetful. Show some respect.

Pokemaster has a life outside of, he cannot do everything at once, only on his free time. Maybe he is working on it, but has yet to update.
Hi DA, thanks for trying to help (and living up to your name Devil's Advocate!), but I would prefer if people didn't answer questions unless they actually know the answer. Commenting is fine though. Thanks :)

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Actually, most Pokemon do have locations, for example Mienfoo, Golduck, etc. Basically anything that appears in grass or on water.

However, some Pokemon are missing, in particular ones you can only get by evolution (e.g. Gigalith) and several of the legendary Pokemon. This is true for all games, not just BW2, and will be fixed when I can.

If you notice anyone missing from the actual locations page (the pages from here), you can check the Locations guide corrections post and submit a correction, it will be much appreciated.

Sorry if the question was a little rude, I was in a bad mood. :P