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Why the quotation marks aren't highlighting?

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Okay, this is probably the most minor of all minor problems on the site, but somehow, I noticed it. Weird. It proves how observant I am. :P

Well, take a look at this:
>You could gain up to 65536 EVs in every stat (HP, Attack, Defense, Special and Speed), so you didn't even need to consciously EV train - you'd normally gain all EVs by the time you reach level 100. - EV page

Does this sound familiar? Well, here is the minor of all minor issues - the bold part actually has quotation marks around them. It says 'EV train', however, it doesn't let me highlight them. They are like pictures. Here's a screenshot of what I'm seeing.
As you can see, there is a quotation mark unhighlighted, and if you see close enough there is another quotation mark that has literally been ignored by my highlighting.

I can't say this is a problem... but why is this?

And also, not to beg, but I made this suggestion ages ago and nobody has looked at it. (In the comments they are talking about a suggestion I asked about, but I edited it out since everyone said it was pointless.) So, can you please look at this Pokemaster? >.<


Sorry to bug you, I just really want someone to look at it. xD

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Four days is a very short time, nowhere close to a age.
Pokemaster has probably seen it. He just hasn't said anything yet ;)
Thanks. :)
Flafpert, I'm 95% sure that I did not say that question 4 days ago, actually. I find that weird. o_o
My bad, it's been 8 days, so I apologise. I'm sorry if I sounded rude/aggressive, I sincerely apologise.
Dat's better. xD
It's okay. :3

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That is strange. On the site I use a special HTML element for quoting things (the <q> element) which adds quotation marks automatically, but for some reason the browser isn't copying them. Not sure why that is to be honest!

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