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I have more than enough points to retag on Meta, and I could do it before, but now I am unable to, is this a bug/glitch or were they taken from me for some reason? Thought I would let you know, but if I they have been taken from me could you please tell me why?

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I don't have them either :/
Maybe PM changed it so that retagging comes with editing?

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PM raised it to 2000.

Up the Editing limit, as Meta points are super easy to get. 1000.

you are right. I actually put it up to 2000. We don't really need
people editing on Meta, and people who got mod/editor privileges on
Pokebase can also edit on meta.


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2000 seems a bit much seen as the closest non expert only has half the amount needed.
You may as well as take off the editing limit if its 2000. Though meta points may be easy to get actually answering and asking questions doesnt happen as often as you would on pokebase.
Im still for 800 points for retagging though there are so many stupid tags.
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