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DANG!I'm loving this new meadals list pokemaster put up for B and W 2! I love doing the medal raley!Also, I like the genesect art. Pokemaster picked the best one! I'm also very happy about the diffrent TM locations!

                                         Thanks Pokemaster!
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Yeah, the recent B/W 2-optimising update was pretty awesome yesterday, not just the Medals. PM deserves a thanks.
Thank you Pokemaster for the awesome site!
Yay! Go PokemonDB

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No problem! Glad you like it. I added good descriptions to most of the medals but let me know if any of them are still not clear.

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I'll check over them and tell you any of them that are unclear
Actually, there is one.
Medal number 97,Castelina boss, it says beat the castelina gang, but where is the castelina gang?