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Why is upvoting and flagging on Meta 20 points?
You get an extra 20 points by starting your account,so people that just register for no reason can upvote and flag anything on meta.It should be 50 for upvoting, 60 for flagging.

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It's because it's opinionated.
Flagging maybe should be increased but even if it was 30 points that's only 1 Upvote
First of all, it was my suggestion that made it like this, and second of all, we don't need to do this. Meta points don't matter, and everyone's opinion should matter in suggestions.
Sorry if I sounded very rude wasn't trying to be :3
It's fine.I knew after you answered another of my Q's and put a :P at he end we were cool. Sorry, I didn't know it was your idea.
I am going to have to disagree with Beutifly Blade.
Just because Meta Points don't have much importance doesnt mean Pokemaster should give everybody these privalages.
If we were going by that logic we may as well just give everyone editing powers.
I beleive Pokemaster made the change on the basis that Meta is purely opinionated.
This means if you like an idea/suggestion/post/answer ect you can vote up even without having any activity on Meta.
So I'm sure Pokemaster will answer this himself but the fact Meat points have no value isn't the reason why all users have access to voting and flagging just doesn't make sense.
If Meta points have no value why is there a needed amount of points to downvote and edit.
Though i do agree with the last bit on how everyones opinion is needed.
But to answer your question (in my opinion that is): 30 points isn't much of a differance from 20 points its as simple as answering the whats your Pokemon online question then receiving a vote.
It just seems a bit pointless IMO and restricts users that may have no activity on meta from getting invloved and showing support in votes or flags in some cases :D
I'm going to agree. It would be far too easy for someone to make a duplicate account and spam upvote and spam flag. The spam flag could easily cause problems.

I would suggest 30 to upvote, 60 to flag.
I agree with the flagging statement but I don't see why someone would make a dip account to spam a meta account.
It would achieve nothing. It's also obvious when people spam vote.
They would spam upvote the meta account so they can spam flag on the meta. :P
And anyways, spam upvoting a meta account achieves as much as it would on the Pokebase and RMT.
Sorry it took me so long to comment, I was doing something.
But I like Trachy's 30 to upvote, 60 to flag,beacause spam flagging could really irritate a person.
I'll change flagging to 60 on my Q.I'll also make upvoting 50
That's great and all but the title still says 30 xD

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Upvoting isn't a big privilege. Everyone should be able to vote, the only reason it's set higher on Pokebase is to avoid duplicate accounts spam upvoting. On meta it doesn't matter - spam upvoting a suggestion isn't gonna make me do it.

And FYI flagging already requires 40 points on meta.

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Opps! Sorry I thought it was 20