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We could have a giant mega thread for pokemaster. These questions are half the meta pokebase.
A mod or expert or editor could make it (Because i'm not any of those)beacause there are a lot of questions for pokemaster. Why not?

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The META is one big mega-thread for suggestions.

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As DA said, the meta is one giant thread.

And because it would be difficult to move through. Pokemaster would have to scroll down through all the suggestions. And having questions allows them to go in the unanswered section, allowing Pokemaster to easily find out what needs doing.

New users might also not know that all the suggestions for Pokemaster to improve the site go on one giant post, so they'll be asking questions. These might get done first because they'll be more prominent in that they are there, meaning some less helpful suggestions will have priority over suggestions from experienced users such as myself or Mew, which are always top-notch. Or we mods and editors will be forced to hide them because they aren't on the giant post.

And with all the suggestions given, that post will end up being the laggiest thing in existence after a few days.

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When I got back from a 2 week holiday there were about 80 threads on meta while I was away...
GO back for a month-long one, lets see if we break 160 :3
Or two months on summer vacation where we can crack up 320 :3