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On ALL my Meta questions, a weird Gravatar is next to my name.

I have never seen this Gravatar or image before.

My Current Gravatar is this:

What's going on? I am using Chrome.

Here is a clearer image:

Apparently, I'm the only one who can see this.

A note from Speed freak: I believe I have found out what the image is, some Spongebob computer game?

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I would also like to point out it only appears on Mew's Computer, and it is Halloween. Creepy.
I would also like to point out that Hurricane Sandy has just passed through. And Spongebob appears.
I am seriously getting creeped out. XD
I'm on Internet Explorer right now, and can see my regular Gravatar.

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Is there something wrong with your computer? You seem to be having a few problems that no one else is having...

Try clearing your browser cache, that often fixes problems. For Chrome you go to Settings > Show advanced settings > Clear browsing data. Tick "Empty the cache" and leave the others unticked, and clear it.

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