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I am the banned user SoulHeart, please unban me!

Yes, that's right, SoulHeart is back, and i am done copying people, I've told u all this, but nobody would listen, so i came back next year, (or so) so people, please dont ban this account, please unban my other account, SoulHeart, so it can be like like normal, and if i do anything bad, ill leave or u can ban my account again or ip ban me forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please people, please give me another chance...

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Only Pokemaster can unban.
And please don't let comments get out of hand people who comment on this.
He deserves a second chance.
I think everyone deserves second chances
Just use this account from now on, I don't see why you'd want to use SoulHeart. There's no benefit from it.

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Sorry I'm not gonna unban your old account. But you can keep using your new account and start over. As long as you don't cause trouble, you will not be banned.

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Wait, wasn't there an instance in which we unbanned an account of SoulHeart? I think he has another account that is unbanned and able to be used.
Maybe... meh anyway as I said to some people in chat, as long as people aren't causing trouble I don't care.
I think he is likely just going to keep on forgetting he made these accounts, and then he ends up making new ones all the time. I think it might be best to unban SoulHeart, remove all the points of that account, and then let him go on his merry way.
Really Pokemaster??? Thanks sooo much! Ill promise I wont do anything any more!
Fizzcube, why did you edit my comment???
Because you posted it as an answer, not a comment. So I converted it.