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Good Lord. Hot damn. As I mentioned in this post, there's an idiot on this site, whose most recent account is this, who has been a big fat pain in the ass, which is as much as I can say without violently saying unacceptable words. He's been banned many times, but, as he's still coming back, has made 30+ duplicate accounts to keep coming back to annoy us until the almighty God we know as Fizz awakens from his slumber in the land down under and bans him, only for him to return in a few days. According to Fizz, you, PM, can block ranges of IPs. If that's true, please do help us out and do whatever it is you do to do that. If I can supply any more information, more of his accounts, etc. to you, I'd be much more than happy to help.

i don't think this is important but: he plans to go undercover in another account to gain more points so he can earn more privileges. His purpose of doing that is to "not make this a nerd website." I'll keep an eye on new accounts that arise in chat.
What does he mean "not make this a nerd website" this a pokemon website what else would it be?
Are there any innocent accounts in this IP range? Please don't question my curiosity.
As far as I'm aware, no. Fizz hasn't mentioned anything about that, and I don't think he would leave something like that out when he suggested that someone bring this up to PM.
Open disclosure: yes, blocking this IP range will affect some innocent people's connections. I'm very confident this person uses their mobile carrier to access this site and bypass their ban, so it's possible that based upon another person's service provider and location, this ban might affect them.
However, the chance this would affect anybody who currently uses this site or ever will use this site in the future is very low.
Also congratulations on the Meta section's 4000th question!

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Sorry for the delay getting to this. I've blocked the range of IPs for this guy's accounts. They're using IPv6 addresses which are super long and I've ended up blocking what could be a pretty wide range. But I checked and there were no other accounts with the same range so hopefully it's OK.

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The finishing blow.
End game.
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Here is a list of all the accounts that this wonderful individual has created, for your viewing pleasure.

I have posted this list in reverse order, so that you can at first be in shock and disbelief at how many accounts there are, but then see how disturbingly true it is as you make your way down the webpage.

Anyone with mod powers will be able to confirm these accounts are all connected... and anyone with admin powers will be able to deliver the final blow. Would you be so kind, PM?

#53 O’ Rage
#51 O’ Steel
#50 Falchion
#49 Taco
#48 Mayor
#47 Box
#40 Aaron
#37 Guardian
#36 Gat
#29 Soul
#24 Taco
#2ßea$T KøøL 9000!
#1 Kool


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There was one more he created last night, too. I can’t find it, but I know it started with a “V” and ended with “tex.”
Looks like CC commented it earlier.
Yeah that was sent to me as well, IP doesn't match though.
it's really gonna be Mccarthyism all over again but on a pokemon site lol
So he says this one will be his last... but we all know what happened the last time he said that. We'll be hitting the century in no time.
Thanks for sharing the links guys, this has gone too far for it to be left out of date :]