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So, recently I started to get into web development. I hope you don't mind if I ask these.

1: Pokemaster, how long does it usually take you to add in new things, like the Type Coverage Checker?

2: With Question2Answer, do you add things from the code area itself, or a different URL?

Also, how much time do you put into some of these things? Like the 'closing' questions thing.

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Sure no problem.

1: It can vary quite a lot. The type coverage checker was quite a few hours work because it involved a few advanced technologies like "localStorage" and some slightly more complex Javascript to do the calculations.

2: Not sure exactly what you mean here, but I write plugins for the Q2A system. So I write some PHP code, and Q2A sees there is a plugin and runs it in the appropriate places.

3: As above, time for the stuff on Q2A can vary a lot. The closing questions thing I have barely done any work on.

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pokemaster, Im also into website development. My visitors on my website like to talk on my chatroom but is is a very basic and bad one that I downloaded. What program do you use for your chatroom? Whats the code for it?
Hey ninja, remember the site we made? About the Pokemon chat group thing? (Its soulheart) and i have a new site, with a bunch of people, want to help??? [email protected]m email me if you want to be mod or admin or somthing like that