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I will name some that are crucial to completing the game and some that are not so important but useful.

  • Cerulean Cave
  • All of the Victory Roads
  • Twist Mountain
  • Challenge Cave
  • Mt. Coronet

These are all the ones that i can think of so far. I will edit in new one if i think of any but i am sure people will comment on ones they feel should be listed.

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How about one for Challenge Cave?
ok Thnxs
what about one for Mt. Coronet?
LOL, Mr Coronet. Might want to edit...
Well that page really pertains to puzzles rather than maps for areas.
None of the ones you listed are really puzzles.
It says Maps/Puzzles
I also think one forthat place where you can catch volcorona
^Pika's talking about Relic Castle there

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This has been mentioned before, as it's one of the areas I haven't worked much on. If you are good at drawing maps I am happy to take submissions.

EDIT: here's a crazy idea. Since the maps are all grid-based, making an "ASCII map" could work too. I mean something like this:


Where the X's are the walls and the dots are the floor you can walk on. I can then convert that easily into a better graphical image for example like http://pokemondb.net/maps/abyssal-ruins

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PM you so brilliant :)
I'll see what i can do.
Ok, so i made one. http://i.imgur.com/6HcCv76.png
If you're not happy with the lines i'll do them again.