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I linked a couple of your pages to my blog. Y'know, decided to switch from Serebii to PokemonDB, because I find that the pages are very user-friendly (And that's my aim!).

Anyway, after linking these pages and adding a disclaimer to it, I decided to add your "Link to us" badge to my Blog, beside Serebii's. I inserted the HTML code, and the image didn't render, so I decided to edit the code a bit to help it, and it still doesn't work.

I'm starting to think that the image for the badge isn't in a locally accessable spot, and therefore, only works on your server. Do you have any idea as to why it messed up both times?

EDIT: This is the small tweak I made to the code. There were small characters in it that seemed to serve no purpose, so I "cleaned" it up a little:


EDIT 2: It'd be great if nobody'd answer this but Pokemaster. I'm sure most of you knew that already, but just to be sure. :)

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Just some tips narwhals. First, I would add Pokemaster to the tag, he is more likely to respond to this I have found. Also, make sure to put down that nobody besides Pokemaster answer the question, I find it so annoying when Pokemaster doesn't answer the question because somebody else answered and made it not go in the unanswered area.
By the way narwhals, you have a birthday in three days right (15th)?
Thanks for the tip, Trach. I'll go fix this up right now!

And yeah, haha, the 15th is my 15th (Champagne birthday!). =D

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You need to remove the spaces in the image address, this should work:


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Thanks Pokemaster. I tested it in Notepad, and it works perfectly!