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Ok so i am stuck with a team and need guidence here is what i posted.
I am just asking for future refrence if these questions are allowed on the Bs considering they have all the requirments and info needed like my post.
I probably won't post this sort of question again as i hopefully won't need to but I'm sure others will.
I have seen many Rmts by users in the past that are incomplete that are asking for a 6th member.
They do not state what they are looking for, but if they asked a question like this before hand they could post a full rmt.
I posted it on the Bs as it regarded teams.

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I think that's fine. For starters, you did plenty of research and tried some options so it's not just a "tell me what Pokemon to use" type question. And it's not the type of question that can have a million different answers.

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