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I suggest since users are angry about banning RMT questions, to create a forum dedicated only on Team questions or "is this team good" questions. It will make users happy because the most common questions will be able to be asked again. Or if possible they can be asked in the Meta site, but a Forum sounds like a better idea. The team questions should include their current movesets and if EV Trained, add the EVS. Please answer, thank you.

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Sure nice one there but when is the forum coming out and maybe you should provide
 - attacks
 - natures and IVs if known
 - EVs optional
 - held item
 - any strategies

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Yeah I've been thinking along the same lines. So this is very likely what I will do in the near future.

Possibly thinking about combining trade/battle requests as well, since a few people asked for that. Would be useful to post and wait for replies than going on the chat, then the chat can be used for actually meeting up at the same time.

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