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Someone's been spamming me.
In the span of 5 minutes, I rocketed from 32,844 all the way 33,104...


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  • Fizzcube
  • TechnoBlastBoy
  • ♠SpumWack♠
  • Dr.Shavargo Pt.3
  • Mew :3
  • bearry05

Guys, I know that I'm ridiculously awesome, but spamming me isn't the way to go.

Just in those few minutes he gained 100 points. That is all I got shots of tho, both of them are a bit late. - B3N

Some has now spammed me down.
Pokemaster, find out who this person is, please.

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I just saw Holy Name* select loads of your answers. And he also just selected loads of Fizzcube's answers as well.
That is not spamming up and this was resolved over a week ago.
A week ago? o_O
I know why Ben was up at 1 am...
Why is that?

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Getting this off the unanswered list:

Meh, it was a measly 100 pts, and it was removed anyway, so... Also, a little spam like that doesn't compare to the massive boosts I be giving to deserving people. Plus, who wouldn't want to troll you Mew?

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In a span of a minute though...