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I was on pokebase looking at the great wall of text that is the list of all of the pokemon roles. I went to upvote the question and the answer. On both of them, it added two upvotes. Is this a glitch or what?

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It could have been possibly a glitch, or the fact that another user(s) upvoted the question and the answer while you were doing so, as the page doesn't refresh upvotes/downvotes while you navigate through it, unless you do an action to refresh it (Flag, up/down vote, etc)
I had thought of this, but it did not seem likely that in the 30 seconds I was on the page another user could have done the same action. That sounds like the most plausible answer despite my thoughts.

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Pretty sure it just means someone else had also voted up the post in the meantime. What happens when you upvote is the server sends back what to display, so when you first load the page it's at 0, someone else upvotes, then you, it will come back with "2".

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