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Especially on the Profile editing. Why can't we have Italics and Bold on our account pages?
~Colour text
~Text Types

I am not saying include ALL of these, but at least include bold, italics and everything else we can do on questions/answers on the profile pages too.

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  • Underlining is not available as it's generally discouraged on websites, because it looks like a link (although...our links don't have underlines).

  • Colour and highlighting has too much potential to be abused and look awful.

  • I assume by "Text types" you mean different fonts (Times, Arial, Verdana, etc)? Again, this will just be abused. Also, on the web fonts only work if the visitor has that font installed themselves, so if you put in some less common font like "Calibri" only half the people will see it.

  • Strikethrough text is possible, like this, you do it by typing <s>like this</s>
    But there is rarely much need to use it.

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