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Somethings not right here, pokemaster!?

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I answered this but it still says theres only one answer. whats wrong? http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/7023/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-purugly

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Also Pokemaster, can you answer this? What will happen if Swampert gets more points than you?
Hahahahahaha, that wont happen. DT is probably going to pass. me. Im going on vacation from August First throiugh the 7th. Any one could easily pass me in that time, especially DT.
Then what will happen if DT gets more points than Pokemaster?
Can you not choose any best answers while im on vacation? For the next couple days, im going to get as many points as I can to get a good lead ahead of DT. Thx!
I won't for my movesets. For my other questions, I'll choose a best answer. You know what? I might even be done with all my Pokemon movesets soon enough. Have I missed anything yet? I know I missed Suicune and Entei and somebody else did them recently. Maybe I missed Raikou.
I don't think youve missed any except quite a few legendaries
Most legendaries have already been done so...

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It is fixed now, don't know exactly what happened but I ran the recalculation script in my admin panel and it got fixed. :D

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