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So, I was trying to approve and reject some posts, but this message popped up.

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I get that all the time. Just try again, it'll be fine.
So that's what the admin page looks like...
Ders more.
I wanna see all of it ;)
Sonic Adventure, huh?

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I'm not sure what that could be. It may happen if you click buttons too fast after each other, i.e. if you click approve/reject you should wait until the post disappears before clicking the next one.

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I've seen this happen before. This happens when the post has already been approved /rejected. I have done this many times. I open the link in another tab to check its contents (this was before Pokemaster added the thing where you could see the contents), then approve / reject, and close the tab. When I return to the Admin page, I click the approve / reject button, and get that error.

Most likely you did what I did , or another Editor / Moderator approved /rejected the post already.

And I recognize those posts. I was going through them as well.

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