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Someone please help. For some odd reason i got to upvote once but no other time.

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You don't have enough points. Your Meta points are 10, and you need 20 to up vote.

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I cant on pokebase either and i have 40 points
You need 80 points to upvote on the PokeBase.
I just saw the green tick and thanks. they might have changed it from 80 to 40. I just got to 40.
Is upvoting clicking the tick or is is something to do with the arrows? I have under 40 points and can click the green tick on answewes to my questions and it makes it best answer. im confused!
NOBY 112 was confused! it hurt itself in confusion!
Clicking the arrow(giving Best Answer) gives someone 20 Points. Clicking the arrow(upvoting) gives 10 points.