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My question was hidden a moment ago without warning and I found it disrespectful ._.
I would have preferred for you to tell me that you're going to hide the question and why you're going to hide it in the first place. I'm not saying it to cause any problems, but I think you could atleast have the courtesy of atleast telling me first so I don't feel stupid:o

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Because it most likely broke the rules. You can ask here for specifics about why your post was hidden.

However I can definitely see that it's annoying to have your posts hidden without warning. I am working on something to make that a bit better.

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Are you looking wrong? Can you provide a link? Because I have access to viewing hidden questions, and I see absolutely none with you. RMT, PokeBase, or Meta.

About hiding randomly: we as Moderators and Editors have every right to hide your questions if you break the rules. Pokemaster has it better explained on this post here.

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Oh gosh, I'm so sorry, I guess my iPod was acting stupid because I refreshed the page about 4 times and the question I asked didn't show up until later. My apologies.
It happens. We all screw up sometimes.
especially you, mew. o;