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I know we can organize trades on Chat, but maybe at certain times we can have huge tornaments. (no offense to the people on this site, but I want to see how good people are, and if the moveset answers are actually good)

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If you have Pokemon Online, you could battle me (and lose, but that goes without saying).
You know, I'm pretty good myself, trachy. Who said you'd win?
Trachy is modest.
Ha Ha. Very funny, Shxtoap. But would you lose to either one of us?
No, Shxatoap would beat us both. Shx is one of the few battlers who I think is better than me.
We need to battle soon Trachy, I finally think I'm done with my team...

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That sounds like fun! Problem is, most of the top users here don't have working wifi connections :(

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Good point... D:D
A majority of the members do have Pokemon Online though.
I already have a Tournament site, I could hold tournaments.
I do :)