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Its already new year in my country.So happy new year everyone.Lets make 2013 a great year and make this a great site!!

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Getting New Year's in about 2 hours :P

Happy Mew Year's Pokemon Database! Hopefully, we'll continue a year full with questions, answers, failed trolls, and more!

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Happy Mew year to the MEWDERATOR!
Gligurr is the result of a failed troll, right?
JK, go have fun with your deer Gligurr c:
For a second I thought that said Happy Mew Year... :P
D: I actually did enjoy my beer that I had thank you.
Beer? did you mean deer? c:
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Happy New Year, Pokemon Database!

Let's all celebrate our brand new year where there will be

  • More questions
  • More answers
  • More users
  • More fun on chat
  • Failed trolls
  • Laughs and fun!

So far, my new year's been great! Just woke up this moment (It's 1:07 PM xD) and I realized today's the day I'm finally getting Black and White 2! After four months of waiting...the promised game will be delivered...

My New Year's DB Resolutions

  • To meet more people and become friends with them
  • Not be on Ban Report at all
  • Reach 6,000 points
  • Become a nicer person on this site.
  • Also become cooler
  • And smarter about Pokemon!
  • Also to get better at competitive and impress my tutor!!
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reach 6000 points?
Downvote all the things! c:
Lol, kidding :P
Remember the expert limit got changed
^ It did?
It got changed?? To what? Anyway I don't want Expert, just 6 grand.
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Happy New Year, everybody!

I finally reached my goal of Expert, next goal: Editor. And to stop holding up every tourney I enter... xD

Not much else to say. But -


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Happy New Year's guys
Slowpoke sez Happy New Years
2012 was probably the greatest year ever on the DB, seeing as that is the year I joined xP jkjkjk. But all joking aside, everyone here at the DB is awesome, and I look forward to being here for all 364 1/2 days left.

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"2011 really flew by, didn't it?" Lol
And you could say it was the best because you joined :P
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Some of my New Years Resolutions: To learn how to Jump Rope, To learn how to Yo-Yo, To reach either 1,000 points on Meta, 1,000 points on Battle Subway, or 6,000 points on Pokebase(or all of the above), annnnd last but not least.....To learn how to add pictures to my Questions and Answers, because all the explanations I've gotten haven't made sense to me. XD

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Oh, and I went to sleep at around 2:10 last night, so I completed last year's resolution of staying up past 12 O'Clock!
Yo-Yoing is easy with 10 minutes of practice and maybe an Internet reference and to apply pictures to your answers and questions you click on the "Add image" box and copy and paste the URL if the image/sprite/other you want.
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Happy tier changes as well. Lets hope they keep stoutland in NU :P

I hope your new years is better than mine. I am having a crappy 2013 so far.

My DB New Years Resolution:
To get over 9000 points. >:D

Real life resolution:
To get straight A's... for once :/

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1006 points? :P
I do not have to worry about straight A's! I get them EASY!
Because the fourth grade is oh so tough.
lol xD
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Happy New Year DB hope you had a nice year with bans, IP checks, Dupes, and all
the fun stuff that make DB THE DB! Here is my present to you all! sets off bomb and runs away Happy New Year!

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who Up-Voted?! Whoever did it thanks!
i upvoted for everyone
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Happy New Year everyone!

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lol zigzagoons
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Yo Yo Yo les make did year better than 2012. Happy new year everybody

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Hopping everyone is happy, safe and well HAPPY:)

Goodbye 2012, Hellooo 2013:)!

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Happy New Year! It is 2012 II not 2013.

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