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Just a note to myself. Mienshao or Hitmonlee. Ask Will and DT tomorrow.
Mienshao, clearly!
Okay then Pokemaster, I'll actually ask that question on the Pokebase then. Can you answer and gve your reasoning?

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Do you have examples where we could use more tags? The problem is tags aren't always used properly, like this question ;) Although you probably know that.

People keep using words like 'and' and 'i' in tags which aren't helpful - looking at questions tagged 'and' doesn't help anything...

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Well, there was one case where I was trying to get seven tags. But you have a point. That type of occurence is rare and I was able to chop it down to six tags.
I was wondering if it may be worth combining some tags perhaps? For example, nearly all questions about Black are also applicable to White, so we could use 'black-white' instead of separately.
For those that apply to both versions yes it would probably be better to do that, or maybe even just have the tag GenV.
Some people nont even realize that spaces seperate words, and they don't use - in them!