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It was about 4:35PM EST. Displayed this message:

>Could not establish database connection. Please check the username,
password and hostname in the config file, and if necessary set up the
appropriate MySQL user and privileges.

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Hmmm, along with bulbapedia having that malware (melware) problem, this could be a targeted attack by cyberterrorists against our Pokemon sites, leaving the nation without the top authorities in the fight against Team Rocket.
Are you serious? Team Plasma is the real threat. I'm fairly sure that their Porygon-Zs have wrecked the system...
In all seriousness, the site was down for me too.
Genesect is the problem. Probably befriended some porygon-zs to help though. Or maybe it was the stunfisk that took over the DB like last-last year!
Uhh, Rotom. Duh.
And Team Plasma modified Genesect for its Techno Blast.

And SBR, Rotom, the Plasma Pokemon.

Everything fits together.

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We've been getting a bunch more traffic in the past few days (possibly because of Bulbapedia being down). We are fine during the day but peak evening traffic tips us over the edge.

I have made a couple of changes which should keep the site responsive (i.e. always loading pages) even if it's a tiny bit slower. So far it's dropped the load a fair bit.

P.S. I am monitoring the situation multiple times a day so we don't need any new threads about this in at least the next week.

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Okay. Bulbapedia is back.