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So when I get an email because of a checked box for comments... it shows all the comments, but they are seperated with a character like this: >

What is this?

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Hmm, not sure. I can't find an email example in my inbox (I delete most of them once read anyway). Can someone comment after me so I can see it?
no probz

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OK thanks SBR :)

No > characters came up in the email for me. But if it was an answer that you received by email, it could be > character that is used for quoting other sources. On here it would look like:

A quotation from someone

But in the email it would probably show as

> A quotation from someone

It could have also been an answer that was converted to a comment. Do you have a link of the actual comment on the site?

Edit: OK you did say "it shows all the comments", which as far as I know does not happen with our emails. Maybe your email program grouped several messages together and that's where the > came from.

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OK, thanks.
Actually, those could be line breaks used in the "e-mail coding" (message sources) when showing detail in e-mails.